Certificate of Proficiency in Financial Planning - RFP Module 7 : Application in Financial Planning

Programme Overview

In line with the Malaysia New Economic Roadmap which aims in part to increase a talent pool of well-trained and educated individuals in Malaysia and to address the critical need for qualified Financial Planners as to position Malaysia as the regional hub for Banking and Finance. The RFP Programme is a relevant education component for practitioners, accountants, lawyers and academics. Participants of the RFP programme who have successfully passed all the assessment and examinations shall be conferred with the prestigious RFP designation.

Course Outlines

  1. Preparing students with the necessary skills and knowledge in preparing financial plans, including six steps financial planning process and RFP Financial Planning Practice Standards.
  2. Understand client-practitioner relationships
  3. Setting goals, objectives and priorities
  4. Gathering relevant data and information
  5. Analysing information and financial status
  6. Designing and presenting Financial plan
  7. Monitoring financial plan execution and review
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A good programme for professionals to attend as it provides the necessary foundation to uphold Financial Practitioners Professional Standards. This programme is taught by experts, you cannot find practical knowledge, which is shared in the class with just textbooks. I take this opportunity to thank MFPC and their Lecturers for a well-done effort.

Cheah Fun Ling

I wish to extend my deepest appreciation to MFPC for providing me a professional pathway to Financial Planning career. I hope more people can benefit from this Programme.

Jazmin Yap

I strongly recommend every practitioner to enrol for CPFP. It is a must take programme before they become a Registered Financial Planner. By studying the text you get only theory, however the CPFP provides not only foundation in Financial Planning, but plentiful or practical case studies. As well all know, knowledge is power, we still need to expert mentoring to guide us and sharpen our skills.

Ong Joo Lee

CPFP is practical and relevant to all Financial Service Practitioners. The programme has given me the framework, which I can easily put into practice. I would like to extend my deepest appreciation to MFPC and staff for running this practical and powerful programme.

Grace Tan Bee Mei

For further assistance, please contact the Education Department at 03-62035899 or email to education@mfpc.org.my.






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