“Continuing Professional Development (CPD) addresses the need for lifelong and continuous learning.”

Continuing Professional Development refers to the additional training that many financial planners go through in order to improve upon skills, understand new industry techniques, and maintain previously learned knowledge. In order for a Financial Planner to stay abreast of developments within his or her field, continuing professional development is crucial.


  • Maintaining and enhancing your existing technical knowledge as well as your professional skills.
  • Learning new skills, to understand economic development and evaluate their impact on their organizations and on their own work, and to meet changing responsibilities and expectations; and
  • Keeping abreast with the current developments in Financial Planning procedures and techniques

We are pleased to inform that MFPC has endorsed CPD programmes for the year 2016 as listed below

Click Download Now to download the CPD Programme Listing for August 2016 (PDF Format) :-

Please contact the respective person in charge for registration and enquiries.

MFPC CPD Submission for members

Download Here for CPD Submission Form (For Members)

(Note) : For Submission of CPD Hours , please email to khalil@mfpc.org.my with full detail of programme and a soft copy of Certificate of Attendance or Proof of Attendance.

(Note : We only accept the CPD submission from MFPC members only)

CPD Hours and Accreditation:-

Actual Hour (Learning/Lecture/Training/Writing)MFPC CPD Credit Hours
Full day, 8 or more actual hours per dayEight (8) CPD credit hours
Half-day / Evening classesOne (1) CPD credit hour for every actual hour (Maximum of 4 credit hours allowed)
E-Learning/Multimedia/Approved Self Learning ProgrammeNumber of CPD credit hours awarded to be the same as that awarded to companies recognized classroom learning programme
Lecturing, Training, Speaking and ReadingOne (1) CPD credit hour for every actual hour of lecture/training or speaking hour (Maximum of eight (8) CPD credit hours allowed per day). Same apply for overseas lecturing and speaking.

For Certified RFP Trainers(CRT), maximum of 15 CPD credit hours is granted for conducting the 42 hours RFP classes. Credit hours for CPD could be earned only once for the same RFP module.

5 CPD credit hours is granted for one(1) annual subscription of financial magazines. Maximum CPD credit hours under magazine reading are capped at 5 CPD credit hours.
Writing and Publishing Articles and book(s) related to financial planning mattersThree (3) CPD credit hours for essay writing competition;

Five (5) CPD credit hours for writing and publishing an article for 1000 – 1999 words;

Seven (7) CPD credit hours for writing and publishing an article for 2000 words and above;

Ten (10) CPD credit hours for writing and publishing one book for 50 – 199 pages

Fifteen (15) CPD credit hours for writing and publishing one book for 200 pages and above; A copy of articles/ published articles/ book shall be submitted to MFPC Secretariat for the record purpose of CPD compliance.
  • Credit point for CPD could be earned only once for the same programme.
  • Credit points awarded through each training centre are not transferable.
  • Maximum credit hour for a structured programme is capped at 15 credit hours
  • Endorsement Letters/certificates for attendance and lecturing/speaking from the organizing bodies shall be submitted to MFPC Secretariat for CPD compliance.


– MFPC shall charge endorsement fee RM212.00 inclusive GST for each CPD programme approved by the CCB.

– CPD Training Provider shall be a Corporate Member of MFPC.

– CPD Training Provider must submit endorsement application to the MFPC Secretariat at least 14 days prior to the actual programme date.

– The CCB will process CPD endorsement only if the following required documents have been submitted to MFPC Secretariat on time:

I. Objectives and learning outcomes of the programme
II. Outline of the programme
III. Speakers’ profile
IV. Speakers’ identification card/passport number or a copy of photo stated identification card/passport
V. Programme Fee

Click below for CPD Endorsement Application Form (PDF)

1CPD Programme Endorsement GuidelinesPDF
2CPD Endorsement Application FormMS Word
3CPD Attendance ListMS Excell

MFPC provides E-Marketing services to our corporate members :-

1.Dedicated email blast (One Time) –
Active Ordinary and Student Members
RM 106
2.SMS blast (One Time) –
Active Ordinary Members
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Ordinary and Students Members
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4.Website banner advertising and facebook advert (per month)RM 106
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Note : 6% GST will be included and shown in Tax Invoice

(Note) : Please Email your CPD Endorsement Application Form to khalil@mfpc.org.my for approval.

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