Shariah RFP Capstone Programme

The MFPC has developed a new programme, the RFP Capstone Programme launched by Y.B. Senator Dato’ Ir Donald Lim Seng Chai, Deputy Minister of Finance on 28 May 2011. This 6-day intensive In line with the Malaysian New Economic Model to increase the pool of well-trained and educated human capital in Malaysia as well as to address the critical need for qualified Shariah financial planners in order to position Malaysia as the regional hub for Islamic finance, MFPC has designed a six days intensive programme, the Shariah RFP Capstone programme. Shariah RFP Capstone programme is a fast track pathway for existing practitioners, accountants, lawyers or academicians to become a qualified Shariah financial planner. Participants of Shariah RFP Capstone programme who had successfully passed all the assessment and examination shall be conferred with Shariah RFP designation.

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Shariah RFP Programme Module

Module Descriptions
Module 1 Fundamentals of Shariah Financial Planning
Module 2 Risk & Takaful Planning
Module 3 Shariah Investment Planning
Module 4 Zakat & Tax Planning
Module 5 Shariah Estate Planning
Module 6 Retirement Planning
Module 7 Applications of Shariah Financial Planning


1) To increase the pool of experts in the Islamic Capital Market through training and education.

2) To provide an understanding of the influence of Shariah in the business contact and prepare financial practitioners to hold key positions in the Islamic Finance and Takaful industries.

3) To provide an international benchmark qualification that will equip candidates with a practical understanding of Shariah financial planning.

4) To introduce more competitive and innovative Shariah financial products and services.

5) To increase efforts in enhancing the awareness of Malaysia's Shariah financial planning at the domestic and international levels.

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