1. Entry Requirement :

a) Minimum Requirement for RFP/Shariah RFP: minimum Diploma or its equivalent.

i) Please be advised; Effective1 Jan 2020, minimum requirements will be revised to Degree or its equivalent (with a full pass).

b) Minimum Requirement for RFP Capstone / Shariah RFP Capstone:

i) Minimum 3 years full time working experience in a financial related industry AND

ii) RFP, Shariah RFP, ChFC, CFP, IFP, CIFP (Part 1) OR

iii) Members of MIA, MICPA, CPA (Aust), ACCA, Bar Council, ICSA, MAICSA, CIMA, ASM, CTIM OR

iv) Relevant PhD, Masters or Bachelors’ Degree or its equivalent.

2. Examination Registration

a) For a new candidate to register for the first time;

i) RFP/Shariah RFP Registration, Online registration must be completed and submitted together with the entrance fee, membership annual subscription, and the applicable registration fee before the Examination closing date.

ii) RFP/Shariah RFP Capstone Registration, RFP/Shariah RFP Capstone Online registration must be completed and submitted together with the entrance fee, membership annual subscription, programme fee before the Examination closing date.

b) Subsequent registrations in the same year/following year

i) Only submit the Examination Registration Form together with applicable registration fees before the Examination closing date

c) Members who have discontinued their membership are prohibited from registering for the RFP and/or Shariah RFP Examinations.

3. Proof of sending is not proof of receipt, please attach copy of certified true certificate/results and identity card together with your registration form. MFPC reserves the right to request for the original certificate for verification as and when necessary.

4. For RFP/Shariah RFP Module 7 and RFP Capstone/Shariah RFP Capstone, penalty fee will be charged for project paper submits during the penalty period. Penalty is payable directly to MFPC.

5. Examination results may be obtained from MII website

a)Results for RFP/Shariah RFP M1- M6 will be notified in 30 days after the examination.

b)Results for RFP/Shariah RFP M7 and RFP Capstone/Shariah RFP Capstone will be notified in 80 days upon submission of the project paper.

6. The Examination will not be conducted on a National or State Public Holiday and MII/MFPC reserves the right to make changes as and when necessary.

7. The Malaysian Insurance Institute (MII) is the examination provider for the MFPC examinations.

8. The Examination Centres are located in Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johor Bahru, Kuantan, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching.

9. Candidate is advised to read carefully all the instructions stipulated in the Examination Guidelines and Project Paper Guidelines.

10. For any application/submission; applicable fees shall be made payable to the Malaysian Financial Planning Council together with the application/submission form and document. MFPC may decline acceptance of application or resubmission when fee is omitted. The fee payable/administrative charges are listed as per Table of Fee.

RFP and Shariah RFP Exam Guideline, updated – January 2017

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Online Registration

If you need assistance for exam procedures and guidelines, please contact Examination Department, or call 03-62035899.

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