The official launch of Penang Chapter was held on 4 August 2012. Attending the launch was En. Zambre Ismail, Regional Head, Bank Negara Malaysia, Penang Office. The launch was officiated by Mr. Vincent Kwo Shih Kang, President of MFPC. This followed the soft launch of the Chapter which was officiated by YB. Senator Tuan Gan Ping Shou on 27 March 2012.

The MFPC Penang Chapter is headed by Dr. Tan Chuan Hong as the Chairman.

Penang Chapter Committee for 2021 – 2023 :-

No. Name Position Appointed
 1. Dr. Tan Chuan Hong Chairman (Appointed from June 2017)
 2. Charles Tan Swee Choon Secretary (Appointed from June 2017)
 3. Tay Phaik Kean Treasurer (Appointed from June 2017)
 4. Too Joo Ming Committee (Appointed from June 2017)
 5. Koeh Chee Guan Committee (Appointed from June 2019)
 6. Mabelle Tan Swee Ching Committee (Appointed from June 2019)
 7. Koay Yee Chian Committee (Appointed from June 2017)
 8. Aw Win Chan Committee (Appointed from June 2021)
 9. Chong Chung Yong Committee (Appointed from June 2017)



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