Individual Registration for PITA Exam is done directly via MII ILMS Login Portal.

Application is approved immediately once the application is submitted. Candidate will receive the Examination Confirmation Slip via email.

No documents required. Candidates are only required to input a valid Agent’s License number.

Exam can be taken either virtually or physically at the designated Computer Based Centres.

Payment is made directly to MII via the ILMS registration process.

RFP M2 Conventional or Shairah RFP Module 2 – RM200

RFP Module 2 and SRFP Module 2 (Dual Qualification)- RM280


RFP Module 2 (PITA M2) – RM100
Shariah RFP Module 2 (PITA SM2) – RM100
RFP and Shariah RFP Module 2 (PITA DM2) – RM140

Yes, the e-Book is included in the exam fee and is accessible from the Examination
Confirmation Slip emailed to the candidate once application is successful.

The results slip will be available immediately after the examination is completed.

The penalty for misconduct will follow that of the Agent‘s Examination.
 Impersonation – Both parties will be barred for life and not be allowed to take MII
Agent’s Examinations.
 Cheating – Candidate will be barred for 5 years and the respective Associations/
Company will be notified.

The PITA brochure is available on both MFPC and MII websites.
 Programme Inquiry – email or call 03-62035899
 Exam Inquiry – email or call 03-27128882

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