Align with the blueprint of Securities Commission (SC) Malaysia to enrich the knowledge and to strengthen the skills of unit trust consultants in the Malaysia capital market, MFPC is delighted to join-force with SC in providing the CMDF grant focusing on Certification in Retirement Planning.

MFPC is an independent professional body set up in 2004 with the objective of promoting nationwide development and enhancement of the financial planning profession in Malaysia. It provides an evolving set of Best Practice Standards and Code of Ethics that must be adhered by the Registered Financial Planner (RFP) and Shariah RFP designees in ensuring the public is served with the highest quality of financial planning services. CMDF Grant is a joint action plan (JAP) spearheaded by Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) aims to elevate the financial planning industry especially in the field of retirement planning, to equip unit trust consultants with timely updates on industry development and to empower standards in their services to the public. The key objectives of this grant are:

1. To create awareness on the importance of retirement planning in Malaysia

2. To equip unit trust consultant with relevant industry knowledge and skills on retirement planning

3. To prepare unit trust consultant in providing more comprehensive retirement advisory services to the public

4. To widen the network of unit trust consultant with individuals of the same interest nationwide

5. To strengthen credential of unit trust consultant by acquiring an associate RFP / Shariah RFP Please click to get more information. Contact us should you need further assistance and clarification.


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