About the RFP Capstone Programme

The MFPC has developed a new programme, the RFP Capstone Programme launched by Y.B. Senator Dato’ Ir Donald Lim Seng Chai, Deputy Minister of Finance on 28 May 2011. This 6-day intensive programme which encapsulates the essence of our RFP Programme, is a fast-track path to attain the prestigious RFP designation.

The programme aims to equip practitioners with updated and the required professional and practical skills to practise financial planning; to be prepared to set up new business or to expand their existing business; and provide value- added advisory services to clients. To complete the programme, participants have to sit for an examination and write a project paper.

We strongly encourage our student members, especially those in the financial planning industry to take the programme. The programme provides you the opportunity to embrace the changes in the industry and upgrade yourself. As the saying goes, “In life, nothing is constant except change”.

I would thus encourage all practitioners to equip themselves with financial planning skills and knowledge. Without upgrading our knowledge and skills, we will be left behind as the financial landscape has changed dramatically. Professional education in Financial Planning will prepare us to face the challenges of meeting the increasingly sophisticated demands of our customers and the emergence of highly diversified and complex products in the marketplace. Further, it will enable us to practise a customer orientated approach and assist our clients to make informed decisions. The RFP provides an excellent avenue for all these.

With this, we urge all our members to make the wise decision to register for the RFP Capstone Programme and enjoy the membership discount of 5%.

RFP Programme Module

Module Descriptions
Module 1 Fundamentals of Financial Planning
Module 2 Risk Management & Insurance Planning
Module 3 Investment Planning
Module 4 Zakat & Tax Planning
Module 5 Estate Planning
Module 6 Retirement Planning
Module 7 Applications in Financial Planning


1) To increase the pool of Professional Financial Planners in the Capital Market through training and education.

2) To provide a qualification that will equip candidates with a comprehensive and practical understanding of financial planning.

3)To update participants with current innovative financial planning tools.

Class Schedule

Examination Schedule

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