MFPC shall charge endorsement fee RM300.00 (Corporate Members) or RM600 (Non-Corporate Members) inclusive SST for each CPD programme approved by the CCB.

CPD Training Provider shall be a Corporate Member of MFPC. We only endorse CPD programme from MFPC Corporate Members.

CPD Training Provider must submit endorsement application via at least 14 days prior to the actual programme date.

For endorsed reading materials, you may submit your application via our 1stMFPC portal for corporate members. For Non-Members you may submit your applications to our secretariat <Download Here>

Please login to to apply for CPD Endorsement for your programme.

Click below for MFPC CPD Endorsement Guidelines.

pdf-flat  1stMFPC CPD Endorsement Guidelines
pdf-flat CPD Application for Non-Corporate Member
Microsoft Excell CPD Attendance Report
(Please submit attendance after the event completed and please fill in the highlighted area only)

CPD Information (Important)

Actual Hour (Learning/Lecture/Training/Writing) MFPC CPD Credit Hours (1hr = 1CPD)
 Full day, 8 or more actual hours per day Eight (8) CPD credit hours ; Maximum fifteen (15) CPD credit hours
 Half-day / Evening classes One (1) CPD credit hour for every actual hour (Maximum of 4 credit hours allowed)
 E-Learning/Multimedia/Approved Self Learning Programme Number of CPD credit hours awarded to be the same as that awarded to companies recognized classroom learning programme

MFPC provides E-Marketing services to our corporate members :-

 No. Item Rate
1. Dedicated email blast (One Time) –
Active Ordinary and Student Members
RM 106
2. SMS blast (One Time) –
Active Ordinary Members
RM 530
3. SMS blast (One Time) –
Ordinary and Students Members
RM 1,060
4. Website banner advertising and facebook advert (per month) RM 106
5. Website Main Banner advertising and facebook advert (per month) RM 212

Note : Inclusive SST

Endorsed Reading Materials

MFPC Members who have purchase the reading material as per below or subscribe (yearly subscription) which is endorsed as a reading material entitled for 5 cpd hours.

List for all endorsed books :-

  1. Money Compass Magazines
  2. Personal Financial Planning: A Comprehensive Guide to Personal Financial Planning In Malaysia - Joyce Nga

Click Image below to subscribe (Magazine/Books)

Note : MFPC Members can submit the reading materials via 1stMFPC CPD submission entitled for 5 cpd hours. Please submit receipt as proof of payment via 1stMFPC members Portal.


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