The MFPC shall have the following categories of Membership;

(i) Organizational Members

  • Chartered Promoter Organisation (ChPO)
  • Financial Services Organisation (FSO)

(ii) Corporate Members

  • Chartered Financial Services Institution (ChFSI)
  • Financial Services Institution (FSI)
  • Financial Services Firm (FSF)
  • Affiliate Corporate Members (ACM)

(iii) Individual Members

  • Ordinary Member
  • Fellow Member (F.MFPC)
  • Honorary Fellow Member [F.MFPC (Hon)]

(iV) Affiliate Members

  • Individual

For enquiries please contact our membership department at 03-6203 5899 or email to 

We will try to entertain your email from time to time as a part of MFPC's staffs are working from home (WFH) with minimum office equipment during this MCO period.